Enough of settling in

The last couple were really busy for us. We reactivated our mobilephone contracts, did many loads of laundry, intensivated our search for an affordable apartment and did a lot of paperwork. We enjoyed delicouse meals cooked by Katinkas grandma, german bread and other things we had missed for a while now.

Back in Australia I recieved an eMail from TMMS telling me, they used one of my recent photographs in their 2015 climbing calendar and I recieved a brand new copy yesterday. I was stoked to see, they did not only use one photo, but even four!

If you are looking for an christmas present for someone interested in climbing go ahead an have a look for the new TMMS „rocks – Best of Bouldering“ calendar for the year 2015:

But enough of no climbing for now, either tonight or tomorrow in the morning we will pack the car and start driving to Fontainebleau, France – 6,5 hours away from Stuttgart. We will meet up with some old friends there to climb together. We will be back in one week (or maybe two weeks?), before I have to attend my university courses in mid october.

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