We tried to climb at the Campground Boulders on Thuesday, but the weather was not to pleasant. Katinka couldn’t warm up her body and lost her motivation to try hard and give her best. As she was finally ready to climb her project it started to hail…








We packed the van and decided it’s time for a little roadtrip. Through Hamilton we drove south towards the sea around Portland, Victoria. From there on we turned towards the neighborstate South Australia. On this trip we saw some white Kangaroos, the sea, lighttowers, huge waves, massive blowholes in windy seastorm weather. We made it to Mt Gambier a city surrounded by lakes created by vulcanoes long ago and now we’ve passed the rainy days. We’ve just checked the weaherforcast and it looks like a good amount of blue sky.

Weatherforcast for the southern Grampians, Victoria

Tonight we will return to Buandik, chansing the sun.

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