7 days to go

The past week went by really fast, as it was full of action, stress and finally success.
After my parents had left we met up with a few people beeing interested in our van. We had 3 persons test driving the van on saturday and several more chatting with us and asking about an appointment to do so in the following week.

We just wanted to get over it as fast as possible. It’s great to have time to sell a car (in contrary to our last van sale in Auckland), but it’s also great to have it off the mind and enjoy the last days of the trip instead. We hoped for the best but everyone wanted to think for a couple of days and so we left the CBD and visited our friends Steve, Joe and Tara 40km away from the stressfull citycenter. We spent two nights in their guestroom (Thanks for that!), doing laundry, cleaning the van and bouldering at Jessicas, a little crag nearby.

Axel in „Hairy Joe’s Banana Shack“, V11 – The Villas, Sutherland, Sydney

As we had more appointments for wednesday we decided to head back to the southern part of Sydney on thuesday to climb at The Villas and spend one more night in our van. We got there in the early afternoon as we were waiting for our laundry to dry off, but having so many van concerns in our mind it was enough climbing time for the moment. Katinka did „Help“, V6 and „Burgers“, V5 while I ended up ticking both „Savage“, V8 and „Hairy Joe’s Banana Shack“, V11 in less then 15 Minutes each, which was really cool and unexpected.

Katinka flashing „Crack Attack“, V6 – The Villas, Sutherland, Sydney

We ended the day in the Price Edward Park on a beautiful picnicarea next to the river only a couple kilometers away. Potentially our last dinner and night with the van, as our two appointments for the next day both promised to buy the van. We needed that kind of a backup solution as the first one to meet sounded a bit strange and not to trustfull. Who would be willing to book a flight from the Gold Coast to Melbourne only to pickup a car he has not seen before, if not a pisher?

Anyways we slept well and long, dropped most of our remaining luggagae at James Place in Sandringham and went back to King Cross near the CBD. The first guy indeed showed up and we sealed the deal. Now our wheeled home belonges to the venecuelean Vincente who had been on working holiday visa in the middle of nowhere for the past four months. His only chance to buy a campervan was to travel to a bigger city after sorting through available vans online and deciding for ome from afar. He even found our blog and read our story before he decided he will trust in our van.

Sold our van to Vincente from Venezuela

An hour later, after drinking an celebration cappuccino in a little café we went to a local Avis branch to pickup a tiny rental car. 9 day to go! Even though I’m still missing one month to complete the 25, the lady next to our respondant knew a trick how she could upload my drivers licence id, avoiding the systems age check.

That done, we took off. We ate a huge hamburger each and organized the next business meeting. At 8pm I would stock up my camera gear by a Canon 35mm F1.4 lens. Psyched!
We spent the night at James places,borought a rope and decided to drive back to the Blue Mountains the next night. After sleeping long we went back to the Villas for a little bit, mainly to take a few photos of theBananashack Problem and to check out „Contact“,V12 for a little bit.

20 Minutes Ascent of „Contact“, V12 – The Villas, Sutherland, Sydney
The moves went down pretty fast and not even 20 Minutes adter my first try i had it on my tick list. Sick! Katinka succeeded as well as she flashed her first V6 boulder „Crack Attack“. This one has taken me two days to complete and even today i needed another three gos to finish it.
By now, we have arrived at our camping spot in Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains. We borought the thermarests of our friends Manu and Marie and bought a cheep tent at BigW.
7 days to go!

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